Chris and Tessa have had their hearts torn to shreds by their respective exes. Though the wounds are still fresh, this barely-acquainted pair of twenty-somethings find themselves connecting in the midst of a (miserably) fabulous party. Soon, the couple discovers their uniquely busted pulmonary systems are beautifully complementary – if a little messy.

Equal parts sweet and gross, LovesIck is a project that came from the heart from start to finish. The script was written by Maggie F. Levin, and directed by Braedan Herrera who brought the heightened, neon-purple world of LovesIck to life. Our cast includes the author herself, comedian Tom Sibley, George Benedict (The Rift, Book of Fire), and Liz Nistico (lead singer for indie band Holychild). We shot the film in a whirlwind 48 hours in North Hollywood, and edited in Studio City til our eyeballs went rainbow.

LovesIck features an incredible soundtrack, curated by Maggie and donated by the following generous artists: Petros, Tyler Scruggs, Picture Atlantic, Hotel Cinema, Hell & Lula & Jeff Muzerolle.

We’re so excited to share this labor of icky, sticky, ooey, gooey, bleedin’ love with the world.